Hello Application Oddity

I was using Picasa Hello BloggerBot application to post pictures to my picture blog. While I was posting a picture, I noticed something odd. A little red heart floated down the screen in hello/bloggerbot. WTF? Why was a heart dropping across my screen? Is it some sort of easter egg when you have posted so many pictures?

Did a quick search on Google, but I could not find a good answer.
Checking hello help forums, I did find an answer. It seems certain words during a 'chat' session can trigger some animations. And I guess Hello considers posting to BloggerBot a chat. And looking at the terms I typed, I think it triggered the heart from 'cloverleaf'. Weird.

After looking at the forums a tiny bit more, then looking at the executable, I found there are 5 animations or 'motio's.  I figured out how I triggered the heart: the string 'love' in 'cloverleaf'.

The strings:
motio/heart  ==  'love', 'heart', 'xo', 'hearts'
motio/:(     ==  ':(', ':-(', ';(', '=(' 
motio/>:)    ==  '^:)', '>:)'
motio/:     ==  ':'
motio/:)     ==  ':)', ':-)', '=)', ';)'


Elliot said...

You helped to contribute to a new website dedicated to hello: http://www.googlehello.com/book/view/3


Tracey said...

There is another one ':|' or '>:|' that we discovered.

Sleepin' Cat said...

:| was there. Except Blogger somehow likes to "trim" that bar..

And thanks to Keith for all the motios. You are the first guy on Internet to post a complete list. =)

Woot! Captian Crunch Meets Corn Flakes said...

ha ha ha

try exorcist.... freaky!

Kimberly Anderson said...

here is another one:
to get a stick your tounge out smilie:
:P or :p

Anonymous said...

and it's funny how you can trigger and mix a bunch of smiles by typing something like ";) :) ;) :| LOL ;) :) ;) :| LOL ;) :) ;) :| LOL ;) :) ;) :| LOL ;) :) ;) :| LOL ;) :) ;) :| LOL ;) :) ;) :| LOL ;) :) ;) :| LOL ;) :) ;) :| LOL ;) :) ;) :| LOL ;) :) ;) :| LOL ;) :) ;) :| LOL "

Anonymous said...

Oh, this reminds me I used to chat with hello with my friends and when we discovered the flying smilies, it was a party! :)