XP SP2 Pre Comments, Download

I heard about SP2. I am interested in the interactive firewall. Where you can get a popup to allow or block applications on your PC trying to connect back to the internet. Great for catching spyware/virus programs trying to be nasty, or an app trying to call 'home' without letting you know first.

So, I heard it was available. As a person who does tech support for a lot of friends, I had two reasons to download it sooner: 1) I wanted to try it so I could comment on it intelligently, 2) some of the people I know on XP only have dialup. What are the chances they would download all 266M this year during the time they were dialed in.

So I checked out MS site. Did a number of different searches. The only thing I found was the annoying page that says make sure automatic update is turned on. I guess it makes sense that it could download slowly in the background, so as not to overwhelm MS or make a PC too busy in some cases. But it means that I can't download it and burn it to a CD for the friends I support.

Today I was reading Chris Pirillo's Blog and found in the comments of his post from August 9th about XP SP2 someone posted a link into MS with a download for admins for XP SP2.

So if you are like me and want to decide how and when to download XP SP2, check out XP SP2 for Network Installation Package for IT Professionals
Note: The page on MS says: do not download if you are only updating one computer: a smaller, more appropriate download will be available soon via windows update.

Hmph: I have at least one other computer I'm going to burn a CD for. And make this other download available by selection if you want to convince me. I'm going to burn another copy for the inevitable time I will have to rebuild windows.

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